The Parish district is able to elect six individuals, who need not be Parishioners, to represent them in the States of Guernsey.  They are elected for a four year term.  The conduct of the ballot at the Polling Stations is supervised by the Constables and Douzeniers, one of whom is normally sworn in at the Royal Court as Returning Officer for the election.  The next election will be in June 2020.

Our current Parish Deputies are:
P.R. Le Pelley – 246499

(T.) J. Stephens – 713143

C.P. Meerveld – 07781-447738

G.A. St. Pier – 07839-240167

J.S. Merrett – 07781-167121

L.S. Trott – 07781-103261

St. Sampson’s Douzaine Room is located at Le Murier with the Board Room and meeting room being occasionally available for hire for meetings.  For bookings and hire charges please contact the Parish Office.