Parish Welfare

Officers, appointed annually, are responsible for the administration of the Parish Welfare system.  Claimants are referred to the Parish Welfare Officers who may be able to offer help for claims, which are not covered by the Guernsey Social Security Authority.  To help others a Co-Op share account has been opened – please use this number to aid the parish – 106260.  Telephone the Office, 244130, for referral.


These must be adequately fenced to ensure they are not a danger to the public.  Quarries are inspected by the Constables in August of each year and offenders are reported to the court of Chief Pleas in September/October

Barbed Wire

It is an offence to use barbed wire as the outside boundary of a hedge or fence when it borders a public place, road or way at a height less than six feet from the road surface.

Cisterns, Wells & Boiler Pits

These must be covered or fenced in such a manner as to prevent any person or animal from falling in accidentally.