Every household in Guernsey has a regular collection for all the main recyclables, as well as for general rubbish. You can find out what night to put your bins and recycling out and which materials will be collected each week, using My Bin Calendar at the top of this page. Simply enter your house name or postcode, and select your address from the list that will appear. An unlimited quantity of recycling bags and black bags may be left for collection ensuring the black bags have the sticker on.

Bags should only be put out from 8 p.m. and before 10.30pm the evening prior to collection to avoid being damaged by cats, dogs, seagulls, etc.  Garden waste, appliances etc. should not be offered for collection as these items are not covered by the refuse rates.

Black bags which are dumped on private or public land, constitute fly-tipping in the same respect as a one tonne bag or item of furniture is now. Fly tipping is the responsibility of the landowner who can report the matter to the Office of Environmental Health or the Police.

Environmental Health or the Police may choose to investigate if they think there is a likelihood of being able to identify the perpetrator. We have been advised by the Police that they will only investigate if there is a sufficient level of evidence i.e. a witness or CCTV footage. We understand this will only apply to public land and private land which is visible from public land. Where there is evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that an individual committed the offence, they can progress as a criminal case provided the Law Officers agree that it is within the public interest.

Environmental Health may investigate any instances whether on private or public land but this will depend on the level of evidence and severity of the environmental pollution caused by the fly tipping incident.

If a criminal case cannot be progressed but there is some evidence of the perpetrator, the landowner can make a request to them for the recovery of costs involved in clearance and this can be pursued as a petty debt where it remains unpaid. The States of Guernsey has had some success where instances have occurred on public land.

Where there is no evidence, unfortunately the landowner (this includes the States of Guernsey in the case of public land) has to bear the burden, including the responsibility of disposing of the waste. We would therefore advise the landowner take all reasonable measures to safeguard their property.

Guernsey Waste (GW) has been delegated enforcement powers by the Parishes relating to compliant set out of household waste. Specifically, this is waste which is set out on the wrong day, doesn’t have a ‘pay as you throw’ sticker on or has the wrong ‘pay as you throw’ sticker on for the size of the bag. Waste considered to be non-compliant will be located at a recognised set out point, i.e. at a kerbside or at a communal set out point. Anything falling outside of this definition is classed as fly tipping or littering. GW do not have any responsibility for clearing or investigating fly tipping. Any genuine missed collections of waste or recycling will continue to be managed by the Parish. Missed collections will have been set out on the correct night, with the correct payment sticker but will not have a red sticker applied by the contractor.

GW are aware that in the days following the introduction of the ‘pay as you throw’ charges, some flexibility in processes may be required and we would envisage working with relevant landowners to understand the extent of unstickered bags being disposed of across the island. Therefore landowners should contact GW and an assessment will be made about GWs involvement based on the circumstances of each incident. This arrangement will be kept under review.

For more information on refuse collection, please visit the States of Guernsey website Waste & Recycling