Bridge poles and posts face official cull

A number of posts and poles cluttering the Bridge area as highlighted by a joint Vale and St Sampson’s working group survey can be removed, it has been agreed.
Following an on-site meeting with Traffic and Highways Services it was accepted that a number of posts and signs could be rationalised by repositioning poles and making minor alterations to parking areas, indicated in its diagram pictured right.
St Sampson’s working group member Rob Gill said the response to their initial survey had been very positive and Traffic and Highway Services was proposing to replace eight posts with just three initially.
Vale Senior Constable Richard Leale was very encouraged by the discussions with the department and said it was important to recognise that this was the first phase of the initiatives for the area.
Quick wins
‘We’re really pleased with the way Traffic and Highway Services and Environment and Infrastructure engaged with us following the survey and their offer to consider this in a staged fashion to ensure some “quick wins” is much appreciated,’ he said.
The Working Group felt its concerns had been listened to sympathetically and a pragmatic approach adopted to trying to enhance the Bridge area.
The group hopes when the first rationalisation and removal of redundant signs and poles has been completed, it will be possible to move on to considering the South and North Sides and the then the Seaward side of the Bridge.
It is understood that the works should begin in the next few weeks after some consultations have been carried out.
The Floral Group working to enhance the visual appearance of the Bridge also has some significant initiatives in mind and is actively pursuing these.

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