Dog Fouling Survey – Volunteers needed


Dog-fouling has long been an issue in the Bailiwick and certainly in our Parish. Last year, Castel, St Peter Port and the Vale Commons Council each took part in a study while Forest has completed their study this year. The study runs over a 30 day period, to determine the extent of dog fouling in each area and this year your Douzaine have decided to support a similar parish study. This is part of an island-wide initiative supported by the Committee of Environment and Infrastructure, Clean Earth Trust, La Societe Guernesiase, National Trust of Guernsey and the Guernsey Farmers Association to determine the scale of the problem and identify any particular hotspots.

The Parish is seeking six volunteer surveyors to assist with the survey. They will each be allocated a route which they will walk regularly – maybe daily or every other day – for between an hour and an hour and a half over a period of 30 days, recording instances of fouling on a mobile-phone App which has been tailored for your Parish.

There will be a comprehensive briefing at the beginning of the survey and technical support throughout the process. At the end of the exercise the results of the survey will be reported to the Douzaine and incorporated into the island-wide results.

If you would like to take part, please contact the Constables on Tel: 244130 or

More on the issue, the possible health risks and the local laws can be Found here

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