Parish Meeting – Information

The St Sampson Douzaine and Constables have been carefully considering the implications of not being able to hold a Parish meeting to approve the rates due to the Coronavirus restrictions. Under the provisions of the recent Emergency Powers Regulations the Douzaine will be meet remotely on Monday, 11 May to approve amongst other matters, parish expenditure for 2020. The Remede publication has now been published in the Guernsey Press and on the St Sampson’s Parish Website. These publications enable the St Sampson ratepayers and electors to make representations, on any matters which would normally be discussed at the parish meeting by midday on 8 May 2020, this is to be sent to the Constables via email in the first instance: or via post before the virtual Douzaine meeting.

Parish of St Sampson Accounts and Remede below:

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