Planting of Trees at Delancey

Constables of St Sampsons  purchased 8 big leafed lime trees and were gifted 4 walnut smaller tress to be planted at Delancey Park. Planting took place at Delancey Park on Saturday, 23 March by various volunteers from the Douzaine, Saffrey Champness, Guernsey Velo Club and Trees for Life.
The Douzaine would like to thank all involved and hope this will be enjoyed by all.

Delancey Park is a key part of community life and, with it being in our parish, creating something that adds lasting benefits to the park and its visitors is something the Parish is keen to do.

As well as improving the park further for human visitors, the trees will really help to enhance the space as a habitat for local wildlife. It’s wonderful to think of the trees growing and flourishing and being enjoyed by the public for years to come.

The re-planting was to replace previously damaged trees following vandalism.

The Constable, Mr Le Pelley has stated that the parish may have to consider surveillance in the park to prevent further damage to the property in the future.

Constable of St Sampson

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